Lynn Swanson


To My Mother: Winter Circus
Lynn Swanson‘s To My Mother: Winter Circus manages the miracle of distilling time to capture those moments that define it in all of its human complexity. Beautifully rendered and deeply affecting, I came away from reading these poems feeling as if I’d been guided into a place of emotional honesty and daring that I find not only rare, but courageous and clarifying.
–Jack Driscoll, author of The Goat Fish and The Lover’s Knot

“These are poems of brave truth, written with the intention of finding pattern and meaning in bare reality. So hard to write a poet’s narrative of pedestrian old age and dying, yet the poignant story of Lynn Swanson‘s fascination and delight in the past wonder of seeing her mother, who had been a circus acrobat and dancer, poised in her ballet shoes on the back of a pony, permeates her experience of familiar sadness in selling house and treasures. Authentic, intrepid, touching.”
–Diane Wakoski, author of the well-known Motorcycle Betrayal Poems and more recently the author of Diamond Dog and Bay of Angels

Caraboose the Tooth Fairy Moose
"A perfect book! A delightful rhyme children will fall in love with. One of the rare books I have reviewed that has earned a permanent slot on my bookshelf."
—Julie Gerber’s book blog

"A fun and engaging read with a whimsical Seussian slant. An overall exceptional read."
–Dentistry for Kids

Summer Dance
Lakewood Dance Camp in the year of Sara's thirteenth summer: A lake, a cabin, a dance studio, a theatre, costumes, performances. What could go wrong? A tough Russian ballet teacher, learning modern dance, the boys across the lake, and Robin!

Welcome Back to Lakewood, A Summer Dance Novel
Robin wants to win the summer scholarship to New York, too. This year things are different: There's a boys' dance camp across the lake, new cabin mates, new teachers, and Erin isn't there. Sara is a dynamite competitor, but that might not be enough to get her the scholarship.

Selected Works

Young Reader Fiction
Caraboose takes over for the tooth fairies when they go on vacation.
Middle Reader Fiction
Sara spends her first summer away from home at a prestigious northern Michigan dance camp.
Sara returns to Lakewood determined to win a scholarship to the NY City Ballet school.

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