Lynn Swanson

Welcome Back to Lakewood, A Summer Dance Novel

"I really liked it! After reading it, I want to be a dancer."
–Mary, age 8

"It was awesome! This is a story of a hard core, exciting dance camp with suspense and teen romance."
–Kelsey, age 11

"The descriptions of the woods and camp are realistic. Really cool that I got to know the characters right away."
–Charleigh, age 10

Sara thinks it will be easier this summer to be a standout as she competes for class placement, performance parts, and to show the best choreography in the student concert. Everything depends on her getting to dance a special part in pointe shoes in the big production final performance, but she is put into a folk dance instead. Then everything depends on getting a special part in the ballet, Giselle, that will be performed for visiting members of the New York City Ballet, but she doesn't even get a chance to try out for a special part. Then everything depends on her student concert performance where she wants to dance part of a real Balanchine ballet that might be above her head technically. To complicate things, she has to learn a challenging method of modern dance to get points toward the scholarship and has trouble remembering the long sequence of warm-up exercises. The teacher always seems to notice when she messes up. But Jackson Rose comes to the rescue from the dance camp across the lake when he lends Sara a book on the Nikolais modern dance technique she must learn for class. She forms a crush on Jackson that lasts through the summer while Patrick is the one who gives her more attention and is partnered with Sara in the final performance. She must find a way to get Robin to help her with her Balanchine student concert performance so she can win the scholarship, though she knows Robin wants it too. She must take part in the camp's social activities when she'd rather be practicing and must be competitive all the while adhering to the camp's values of Leadership, Cooperation, Enthusiasm, and Improvement. She must be a ballet standout and find a path to what she wants. Sometimes we get something different.

"This is an inspiring story that I recommend to all teenagers. You don't have to be a dancer because it's packed with adventure, excitement, and sprinkles of real-world friendships and drama."
–Franki, age 13

Selected Works

Young Reader Fiction
Caraboose takes over for the tooth fairies when they go on vacation.
Middle Reader Fiction
Sara spends her first summer away from home at a prestigious northern Michigan dance camp.
Sara returns to Lakewood determined to win a scholarship to the NY City Ballet school.

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