Lynn Swanson

Caraboose the Tooth Fairy Moose

Caraboose takes over for the tooth fairies when they go on vacation: "They pack up their bags and fly straight to Cancun or Aruba or Brussels or even the moon." Just because the tooth fairies leave town doesn’t mean lost teeth go uncollected. Caraboose to the rescue!

"Do you have a loose tooth or a space in your head where your old tooth came out or hangs loose by a thread? Did you wiggle and jiggle your tooth till it croaked, let it float in a jar till it got oversoaked? Did you tell all your friends how it stuck on your toast when you took a big bite, and they hollered 'GROSS'? Well, maybe you're ready to give up your tooth to fairies and magic and me–Caraboose!"

Caraboose explains: "See sometimes tooth fairies go off to conventions to trade magic potions and other inventions. They leave me in charge of old teeth for a week. While they're on vacation they want me to peek through the window at you while you snore in the night to see if you put your lost tooth away right."

Caraboose warns kids not to leave their lost tooth in strange places like dusty phone booths or in jars of old pickles. "How can the fairies exchange it for luck if it's under your brother's scratched-up hockey puck?"

The gangly moose in overalls finds lost teeth under pillows after he does his great moose dance over sleeping children. He puts them on the chain he carries on his antlers and turns them over to the tooth fairies when they return from vacation. The fairies "will drop your old tooth in a big pot of goo, and magic will float from the pot back to you!"

Selected Works

Young Reader Fiction
Caraboose takes over for the tooth fairies when they go on vacation.
Middle Reader Fiction
Sara spends her first summer away from home at a prestigious northern Michigan dance camp.
Sara returns to Lakewood determined to win a scholarship to the NY City Ballet school.

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